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Finding Refreshment

I think it's safe to say that I'm not really what you would call a normal person. I feel most refreshed when I have new projects and new work to do. Sure, I like vacations and trips as much as anyone else, but at my core, I am energized the most by things happening.

A few people have asked why I joined RecoVend as creative director on top of my full-time job, grad school, and work with Dept. 3. It's a lot, no doubt, and during this first push to get looking nice, I had a lot of late nights coding, and early morning finishing schoolwork. But I think what it comes down to is that I needed something that excites me.

The vision that Kyle and Jason have put together for the service is pretty visionary, and though in its current infancy RecoVend isn't full-featured and perhaps not yet revolutionary, where we're going certainly is. We were already pushed on to the next round of the BetaSpring weighing, and we're working hard to push substantial updates out quickly.

How Refreshment Helps

I had a tough week before this Thanksgiving break. Just a lot of stuff going on on top of the RecoVend push. But the late nights/early mornings didn't make me upset or frustrated or bored even. Actually the opposite – those days made me feel more energized mentally to get in and push through what I had to do at work so I could get back to finishing up RecoVend.

This semester has also marked the last real classes I have to take at The New School for my MA and next semester will be spent on my thesis and what is involved around that. Working on RecoVend makes me feel all the more urgent to get done what I need to this semester (which is pretty substantial).

Constant change, constant goals, persistent deadlines. All of these motivate me. Loose ideas, constant spur-of-the-moment demands, lack of vision, and disrespect do not. I want to work on great things, make progress, and change the ways people think and work. I want to make a difference on a large scale. I want to see results and have the time and resources to do things right.

These things drive me. Finding new opportunities to do these sorts of things is refreshing. And so, even though I am tired now, I feel completely accomplished. I sleep well at night (when I get to sleep) and, for the most part, thing seem to be looking up.

I'm excited to see what these next few months bring.