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Exactly why the mainstream looks down on Christians

My friend Ashley, who is a really cool Christian girl, had a run-in with a new "Christian MySpace Alternative"--called Faith-Space--website's administrator.

She posted this as a note on Facebook:

During Agape, I was asked to pass out business cards for this site called faith-space. I thought I would check out the site and join to see what it was about. I filled in the “about me” section and what not. To jazz up the profile, I posted the Family Force 5 music video for “Luv Addict”.  A mere 8 hours later, I noticed I had received two comments from the administrator. [kind of like the Tom from myspace] He told me to read my messages immediately. I checked the inbox and he said that my music video was very inappropriate and the site did not promote secular material. He demanded that it be removed from my profile at once. I of course defended the gentlemen of Family Force 5, explaining their unique ministry. He again insisted that, if they were true “men of God” they would have never made such a vulgar music video. He then asked me to give my testimonial as to why I am a Christian. So, I wrote out a pretty detailed testimonial starting from the age of 4 ending it at where I am now. I also explained my own ministry. However, he criticized some of my past behaviors and choices [including my nose piercing & lip piercing and poor taste in selection of music].Then, he directed me to three separate sites that contained sermons for a person headed in the direction of hell. I was quite offended at this point. I told him that I would take the music video down because he was so avid about it. However, I concluded it by saying, “Although I am removing the video from my site, I hope someday their ministry will be appreciated. They go out and serve the Lord in places that most Christians are afraid to even go. These are the places Christians need to be; however, when someone attempts to do so, they are ostracized by other Christians. They are good men and I will continue to support them and their ministry.” I thought the subject matter would end there, but he responded by saying again, that he did not see any ministry in the video and it did not promote Jesus Christ. Also, he would be praying for me and that my eyes would be open that I am not living my life as Jesus would like. My final email to him read, “Clearly I am not ideal faith-space material. My hope is that you can have a positive impact on someone on this site. Prayers are always welcome and thank you for that, but don’t worry….I WILL be seeing you in Heaven. –Ashley Johnston” Then I shut down my site, only after 16 hours. Seriously, I have so many people in my life that are struggling with their own relationship with Jesus, and it is people like this who turn them off. I couldn’t help but cry/pray for this man. If only he knew how this could have changed/impacted someone else’s life in a negative way. I am still going through all the details and still trying to wrap my mind around these events.  Anyway, I thought I would share this simply because it seemed at Agape that I support faith-space. However, now that I experienced this, I want to make it clear that I do not endorse the site.

Seriously?! Come on guys. This is absolutely ridiculous. This is why I hate Christians sometimes, even though I am one. Why are Christians so unloving and anti- all things Christ-like? I realise this is a sweeping generalization. But really. I guess I am lucky that I know so many quality human beings who also love God but aren't afraid to be real people. 

This is stupid.