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Energy Drain

I haz it. 

Man. I don't know what it is--crazy complex work projects, freelance designs and not having a computer to do them on (until a few days ago), waiting for a grad school response, all of the above--but I am seriously down. It's not melancholy, it's not depression... it's just massive fatigue.

I need something fun and carefree for about a week. Maybe I need to go shoot some photos someplace. I think probably I would just really like answers and closure on all of these wide open tasks and inquiries. I want to be accepted to grad school. I want to shoot this documentary that's in my head.

Projects as of right now:

  • dotCMS deployment at work
  • Site for Andrew Stonestreet
  • Site for Greenville Free Methodist Church
  • Blog for Stephen Stonestreet
  • Site for my dad.
  • And I REALLY want to update my blog's design

Plus miscellaneous everyday sort of tasks at work; website updates, keeping people happy, updates. 

Maybe I just need some sunshine and colour. I think what I really need is a change of pace. And some time to just sit down and create. Some travel would be nice as well. But real travel. Not these stupid 8-hour drives to spend one day someplace remote. 

I need some adventure.