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End of the Semester

My first semester of grad school ended last week and it's been nice to have evenings to myself and not have to worry about schoolwork. Our landlords had a brick patio put in behind our townhouse, so last weekend we bought some patio furniture and a grill to go on that patio. It's nice. I've been BBBQ'ing a bunch this week and we have some friends coming over on Saturday for a bit of grilled meat and veggies.

Jessica got a job at TIU also, which is great. But we were hoping to take a vacation at the end of June--even before this opportunity came up for her--and things aren't looking good at this point. Her boss didn't approve her first request, which is a bummer. Why does the Records office need to be fully staffed during the dead of summer?

But basically, if she can't get the time off I'll be wasting my Paid Time Off days. I'm not really into taking a vacation alone in our house, with the dog. And we won't really be able to take a real trip again until our anniversary in December. So we are a little bummed. Hopefully we can shift the date or she can do some convincing to make it happen.

I'm not at the point where I need a vacation, but from all the stuff I read when I was royally stressed out at my last job suggested the vacations are better when you're not stressed out. And really just having some fun re-energizes me in my work. And we were going to have fun. We hope it works out!