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End of the Semester

Today I turned in my last final paper for my official MA coursework. Now all I have left is writing a thesis and I'll be walking in May in NYC. Woo!


So, now that I am finished with school I can focus on the season. Saturday is my 6-year anniversary of being married to the wonderful @waysideviolet and we will be celebrating at Moto in Chicago. I am so looking forward to eating some amazingly creative food that night, not to mention spending a great evening out with my beautiful wife.

I almost can't believe Christmas is a little over a week away. I've been so busy with school, work, RecoVend, and other projects, it's been tough to put myself in the holiday spirit for fear I'd get lazy and not do something I need to. I am looking forward to spending some time over the next few weeks on projects I've been wanting to do for myself.