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Ego Massage or Malice

This political season is rife with strong emotions, irrational judgment, heated arguments (no debates yet, that I've seen), and loads of name calling. I guess the only thing different about this election year over any other is that I am no longer in college and am engaged in the action across the country via the internets.

As I've posted issues and ranted here on the good 'ol blog, I've seen something happen. And I'm sure this is normal, but I still don't like it. Friends turn into enemies, normally rational people turn into spin-spewing maniacs, and kittens die. Okay, maybe not that last one. But as my wife has put it, talking through these things with some people either brings an ego massage or malice. There are very few people with whom there is middle ground to talk about current affairs, especially elections. I know of one who is a friend and we have very level, extremely unbiased and rational conversations. And I think it's because he is able to separate any and all emotion from the rationale he needs to make an informed decision.

So, in an attempt to reduce my stress (because it's taken its toll) and keep friends, I am no longer going to argue via this blog. I will post issues that I am concerned about, but comments will be moderated. This is my blog so if it's going to be a platform for anyone's thoughts, it will be mine. Responses are great, but any full on attacks will be deleted. If you want to attack me, do it on your own blog.

Now I'm going to go back to reading about the Cold War.