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Dublin: The Rest of It

Our second day in Dublin we woke up to rain. And quite a bit of it. I was thinking maybe a drizzle would be normal, but it was raining pretty hard. And we didn't really have jackets because we were planning to buy them there.

We decided it was shopping day and that we were going to go check out Grafton Street. So after breakfast we donned whatever sweater or hoodie we had with us and hopped on the bus to O'Connell.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Statue of Theobald Mathew in O'Connell Street. "]O'Connell Street[/caption]

We took a short stop off at Temple Bar, and since it was early the whole square was deserted save for a few workers. We walked down a couple of alleys and found what we were looking for: the National Gallery of Photography. It was pretty cool. We looked at photos mainly of Dublin's transportation history; planes, trains and automobiles were the themes.

Next we went across the square to see the Gallery of Photography. That was also pretty cool but perhaps a bit too art-abstract for me. I do not consider myself and art elitist, mostly because there are something I just don't "get". And don't want to either.

Finally we walked down to Grafton Street. In the rain. We turned the corner and stepped into a mass of people with shopping bags. Grafton Street is a pedestrian only zone which probably helped but was crazy. We stopped in a couple of shops and then went to Starbucks for drinks and a sandwich.

And that was pretty much our day :). We really didn't do much other than shop and try to find a couple of places. We got back, and instead of going to either of the pubs, we walked down the the chip shop where Jon and I had fish and chips (the chips were fantastic too) and Jess had chicken.

We stopped by SPAR for some more candy and drinks and took everything back to the B&B. We ate, showered, watched TV and Jon worked on some of the wedding photos.

The next morning we got up and went shopping again. Because we found Henry and Mary streets. More Top Shop/Top Man and H&M and a couple other stores. Eventually we were just kind of tired, it was raining a little again, so we decided to go back mid afternoon, hung out, had a nap and then ate at The Ivy House again.

The next morning was our flight home. Which was frought with delays and terrible TSOs and all that. Crap.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Not Our Plane, but what we saw at the airport"]Aer Lingus Jet[/caption]

Maybe I'll rant on TSA later. Also, more photos can be seen in my flickr stream.