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Design on Hold

Yesterday @WordPress announced that WordPress 3.0 Beta 1 was available. Fantastic news! But the impending official release in probably about a month is giving me cause to hold off on launching my new site. Some of the new features will replace work around I was putting in place.

Specifically the custom post types have me excited. A central part to the new template is different display views in The Loop depending on the post type. The traditional way to do it is to modify the styling of the post by the category class. This works and requires a bunch of conditional PHP to get the different layout markup right -- and that's probably still the case, but at least it'll be future proof.

In any case, I'll feel good about being cutting-edge for the official 3.0 release and can hopefully launch on the day it's announced.

So hang tight. This will get there soon. I've got a couple of other projects lined up in the meantime that won't be waiting for 3.0.