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Crazy Week.

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Yes it was. Harry spent the week with us here in Greenville and we had a great time. He got to get acclimated to our time zone and he also got to see middle-America and make fun of me for being adamantly against Barack Obama's bid for the White House.

We took him to the Arch, the Delmar Loop and the Galleria. In fact, we went into St Louis on the day of the Obama PR-Spin Rally Extravaganza under the Arch. We contemplated actually taking the Metrolink over to the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial but when driving over the Poplar Bridge and seeing the crowd, decided against it. NPR said 100,000 people showed up.

Instead, we drove to Cathedral Basilica and took some photos (he did, I already had a bunch), then made our way to the Delmar Loop in UCity. We went looking through records at Vintage Vinyl and went to Subterranean to look at books. Harry bought a pipe at one of the tobacconists and we ended up having Thai for lunch. That was fun for sure.

Then we went to the Galleria and around 5:30pm made our way to the Arch. Crews were still tearing down the barricades and such from that morning's feel-good rally and ego-massage and there were quite a few groups -- most likely milling around the Westward Expansion Museum beneath the Arch.

We ended up shooting a bunch of photos and just hanging out for a bit. It was a lot of fun.

Sunday we took Harry to the airport and he's now in Orlando staying with another friend. It was awesome to have him with us. We had a great time.