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In mere weeks I will have finished my graduate thesis (entitled Our Foreign Selves: Mapping Transnational Media in a Real-Time World), been hooded, and hold a freshly minted Master of Arts in Media Studies. With that expensive piece of paper comes something even more valuable to me: Time.

Naturally, I am already looking at how to fill said newly gained time. One thing I am considering is launching a current events commentary site that deals with media issues and representation. It'll attempt to have little-to-no political bias and a whole lot of calling out of the absurd and dangerous. In a way, it would be my little addition to ongoing media literacy awareness.

I am toying with the idea of creating a supplementary podcast that deals with similar issues from different angles.

Also maybe a food blog.

And a travel site.

And do more web development.

Thoughts? Concerns? Opinions? Please give me feedback.