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Catching My Breath

It has been a ridiculously hectic last couple of weeks. Beyond it being the end of the semester at school, I drove to WV and then rod to VA and then back again in one weekend, have been going non-stop populating content in the new site at work, have had my sister-in-law staying with us and have commencement this weekend. Commencement. I have to work and be apart of it because my wife is graduating.

I'm tired, worn out and a little stressed. And I really want to write some music. But haven't had any time to myself to be able to attempt it. I think that must be what real responsibility is all about.

But I did find out that we get Memorial Day off of work (a rarity at our school) so I am hoping for a day of respite before diving back into summer duties and getting this new site live. It's turning into a bit of a chore, even though I'm excited to be doing it.

I want to try and plan a short getaway for Jess and me this summer. I fear we're not going to get a real break anytime soon and that's rough on me. I need to reenergize sometimes. Now is one of those times.