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Busy Day

Today we have retirement events going on the entire day and evening starting this morning. The college's president resigned over the summer and the department decided to hold the retirement events today, several months later, when students are on campus. We are split now between a freshman class who has never met the man (unless they did during a campus visit/preview day) and three classes who may have met him at some point.

It's starting with a special chapel, then a dedication of a sculpture that is outside of the dorm name for his wife who passed away last year of cancer. Then there are fireside chats, a luncheon with town community members and tonight the bi-annual President's Society Dinner.

I was asked this morning to film the events. Yes, hours before. So I'm scrambling to charge batteries and free up space on my memory cards. It's not as if I just have a video rig ready to go at a moments' notice. I think I'll make it, but it's been a rough morning already. I'm not sure I'm running on all cylinders yet. Maybe need more coffee.