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Back to Life

I woke up this morning in my hotel room in Springfield, showered, packed my bags and hopped in my school-vehicle. My Taurus pulled out of the University Plaza Hotel parking lot at about 8:30 am, long before my intended noon departure. But it was a good thing. Jessica came down with some sort of cold or flu on Monday and spent two days at home sick without anyone but the puppy to take care of her.

I managed to stop someplace and get some sbux. Except it was in a grocery store, which isn't ideal for me. However, there was nothing good coffee-wise at the conference. Kaldi's just doesn't cut it.

I made it back at about 12:30 and took care of Jess a bit. I ended up going to work for the afternoon to catch up on some things.

Jessica was craving Wendy's for some reason so we drove to Vandalia and got hamburgers. And finally we're just sitting here watching tv shows we missed while I was gone. Now I'm hoping I won't get sick myself.