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Wow. What a couple of weeks it's been.

First, we launched the new site at work. And overall the response was good, until it got bad. So my "team" and I had to hustle to get more content up and certain features working. There was a lot more drama than that, and if you work in Higher Education you'll understand the true weight of that statement. But in the end, it's up and we're really close to being content complete. Once that happens we can put our focus on developing features that are on deck. Check out the site here.

That's taken up the bulk of my life. But, with the stress and all, I managed to take a day off in the middle of it for some sweet mental respite. Jess and I went to Six Flags St Louis (I got cheap tickets over Twitter) and had a great time. It's a small park but has some fun coasters. It seemed kind of like a miniature Magic Mountain (SoCal). My favourite Six Flags coaster, Batman: The Ride, has a version at St Louis -- in fact, it seems to have all the same features, it's just slower and smaller and shorter. Six Flags St Louis also has a ride called Ninja (not the same as the Magic Mountain Ninja) which is a miniature Viper. Same elements just on a smaller scale. It's also, again, slower but just as jerky and rough as Viper. Overall we had a great time though and even were able to go get me a new pair of trousers for work as well as a new polo shirt.

It was a great break for me and left me a bit more energized and ready to get back into the site.

This weekend -- a long weekend due to Independence Day -- we've been trying to relax a bit. I got a haircut and shaved my beard today.

And I'm happy with it this time. Figured, my hair is short enough, it's effing hot outside... might as well shave the beard. So I did. Last time I wasn't so happy with the shave.

I made chicken tacos for dinner and we are watching Leatherheads. I also have been working on a new design for a church I'm working with here in town. You can take a look at their current site and then look at what I'm putting together and make your judgement. So far I think I'm pretty happy with the new design. And I think they will be too.

The goal is to get the design done this weekend and to start the coding for the site. Huzzah.

And for the Fourth we are going to hang out with some friends and watch the fireworks in St Louis. Should be a lot of fun.

What have you been up to? Anything fun? Any good barbecues planned?