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Austin, TX: One Year Later

I have lived in Austin for an entire year.

Yesterday marked the day we pulled up to our apartment on the East Side and started unloading our things. To say this past year has been a good one would be an understatement. We love Austin. We love the friends we've made here, the youth and energy of the city, the food — oh, the food! — and, yes, even the heat and humidity. This town has been great to us this past year and we're looking forward to more adventures, more tacos, and growing more with Austin.

Business has been fantastic this past year. In February Jessica was able to quit her retail job to come and work with me on making Bravery successful. The biggest benefit is that she has a lot more time for her MFA work. I've been able to set up an office at home and do more work there, which means I'm more productive overall. Mostly, owning my own business has given us a freedom we haven't had since entering the working world. We can leave the house whenever we want. We can work as late or as early as we want. And we can take trips when we want.

I think my favourite part about living is Austin has been the number of people who have come to visit us. When we first moved to Chicagoland we thought we'd have guests all the time, but this year we've had more visitors than we did the entire time we were in Vernon Hills. It's been a lot of fun to show people around our city.

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I'm now realizing that I didn't take photos with many of the people who visited us. This will be corrected. We got to spend a bit of time with a lot of college friends like Jacob and Katie Eckeberger, Ian McDermott, and Kit Hamon & Beth Bombara. We've found friends who already lived here like Tyler Mathews. And we had other friends pass through like André Anjos, Karl Kling, Dan Bailey, Mike Petroff, Kyle Judah, a whole host of higher ed people during SXSW... plus family. And we have more friends showing up in the coming weeks.

A fantastic year, indeed. And, by the way, there's a standing invitation to any of our friends who want to come visit Austin this year. We'd love to show you around or give you a couch/air mattress to crash on.

So, here's to another year of tacos, amazing coffee, great music, eating on patios in early December, views of downtown, Homeslice Pizza, adventures to state parks, friends visiting, and record shopping.