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At My Day Job

It's the day before Thanksgiving and no one is really in the office. I think there are four of us here, which is one more than yesterday. I've been working on some navigation revamps for and have been trying to do it all in JavaScript.

I suck at JS. If you have any suggestions or help for me, I welcome it. With open arms.

I went with Scriptaculous because it was the easiest I could figure out at the time. But apparently I'm not doing too well at figuring it out. Pretty much I have a <ul> that contains a list of five or so items. These are links to specific pages. Then I have four <div>s that are set to display:none and they contain the wplistpages tag set to list the children of a specific page.

When you click on say the "bands" link in that <ul> the "menuBands" <div> drops down using Effect.toggle and the slideDown effect. What I am trying to do is get any of those divs that are visible and down, to close when I click on a different link - say, "info" - and the "menuInfo" <div> to drop down.

Does that make sense? And I'm horrible at actually creating this stuff. I found a few ideas on a Google group, but none of it worked and I don't exactly understand it all. I'm going to have to get a JS book and read I think. Really learn it.