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As Of Late

It's been one of those weeks. Work's been a little bit more involved/overwhelming/frustrating since I once again became the sole web manager. It's a little more stressful. On top of that we feel kind of antsy to get on with life, to do something else. To do something new and exciting. But we'll have to see what happens.

Jessica hates her new job and  that's kind of frustrating. There really isn't anything else that she can do in Greenville because no one is hiring. At the same time, I don't get paid enough to cover all of our bills and student loan payments. It's not an ideal situation and beyond that, it's one that makes us disappointed in our life here just a little bit more than it already was.

I've got a couple of new projects I'm working on that I'm excited about. I'll talk more about them as things take shape.

I need some forward motion though. At least I've got this class to teach this semester. I'm excited about that