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As Of Late

What a busy few weeks. A lot has been happening, what with being accepted to grad school, work, the holidays coming up and NaNoWriMo. Yeah, not doing so well on my novel actually.

Work has eased a bit as I was able to wrap up two large projects I was managing at once. I was so excited to be done with those that the following day I designed and built out a new WordPress template for the blogs we're starting to roll out. It's pretty nice. So nice that I might modify it and release it for public.

Speaking of which, my Modern Linguist release was so popular (for this blog anyway) that I'm thinking about updating the old WordPress templates I created and putting them out for public release. That might be my January project.

My awesome wife Jessica has been doing great Etsy sales as the holiday season hits us. She's also been running a bunch of giveaways on her blog. I'm hoping to redesign that site too at the beginning of the year.

We're also praying for some changes to come in the next few months. I'm excited to go to my parents' house in California for Christmas and then head up to Portland for my little sister's wedding just after the new year. Then I start my first masters classes toward the end of the month.

Lots going on. How are you doing?