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Applebees's Marketing Doesn't Know What a Back-Slash Is

I just saw this on TV and it drove me crazy. I view myself as fairly adept at marketing... I know what's good and I know what isn't when it comes to building report and projecting an image.

I guess Applebees, that horrible casual dining restaurant, is running this campaign where you send them videos you took of yourself having fun at one of their restaurants. The voiceover at the end of the advert says something like "for all of you who have sent us videos, thank you. Keep them coming. Submit your videos to DOUBLE-YOU DOUBLE-YOU DOUBLE-YOU DOT APPLEBEES DOT COM BACK SLASH REAL VIDEOS."

That URL would look like this: www.applebees.comrealvideos - do you see a problem? There's a reason why the common lingo when it comes to URLs is "dot com slash" shortened from "dot com forward slash". There is a difference! Forward slash = / - the correct slash to use in a URL. A back slash is the other direction = - correct in filepaths and other more "geeky" stuff. Reference [wikipedia]