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Apple Updates = $50

So, with all of the updates Apple pushed out today to their products, the 15" MacBook Pro also got itself a bit of a boost in the processor department. It now has the same speed as the 17" MBP. I called them up to see about getting the upgrade. I'm within the 14-day return period.

I was hoping I might be able to drive out to the Apple Store in St Louis and return it. But because I have a "custom configured" (read: a remote and iWork added - nothing done to the computer's configuration itself) model, the rep said I'd have to RMA it and ship it back, probably with a 10% restocking fee.

Since I can't wait two weeks to get a replacement with all of the projects I'm working on, she offered me a $50 price protection credit. So that's cool. I'm getting $50 back for keeping a computer I am already very happy with. I am a little bit bummed, because I was waiting for that first hardware refresh and missed it by two weeks - and didn't get my MBP until 8 days after the order.

But! The $50 goes a long way to un-bumming me. And my MBP is great anyway.