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Another year, another dollar. Or something like that.

  Me and Sam, originally uploaded by joelgoodman.

Oomph... Long weekend. I went through two building dedications, President's Society Dinner, two commencements, an Ivy Cutting ceremony and delicious fish & chips in St Louis.

I am tired to say the least. My back's killing me and I am a big complainer.

On another note, I'll be putting up gutters this week and Jess and I will be doing some gardening. We bought a few tomato plants and flowers. I'm really excited about that! We couldn't find a jasmine plant anywhere, which was disappointing, but we are planting some snapdragons and poppies in the front and transplanting tulips from the Holman's house. (they said we could)

I took loads of video and quite a few photos this weekend. At one point I had the Canon 20D on one shoulder and my D80 on the other. Schizophrenic to say the least.

More to come. Also, new photos in my photostream.