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Another Feature Done: Portfolio

I finally got around to updating the Portfolio page here. It's taken a long time, some frustration, and some good friends with keen eyes to get it looking good. But it's there and I'm happy with it.

It uses a lot of the built-in WordPress gallery functionality. Since I store my photography over and Flickr and not here, I feel good about making the gallery function as the Portfolio. It works pretty well, but not perfectly. I say not perfectly because the next/previous image navigation isn't super-helpful. I can't have it automatically add a text link as well (as far as I can tell anyway), so that gets added in manually.

When I started doing this last night I had problems, and this morning it came down to the Shadowbox plugin breaking things. I replaced it with the venerable Lightbox 2 (which actually fits the bill better aesthetically) and everything is peachy.

Though it's currently limited to web design, I'll be adding some other media projects I've done in the near future. Since I focus on web projects, it just made sense to get those up.

Anyway, head over, take a look at stuff and tell me what you think!

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