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Another farewell

Our weekend has been great. I'm kind of bummed to have to leave. Maybe more bummed that I have to go back to my static job. I've decided I'm not a stationary being. I need to move and breathe and experience – at least some of the time.

It's been a great time of relaxation and catching up and dreaming. And dreaming is something I used to do, back when I had dreams to dream. Lately I've been planning. Looking at reality and sticking to that. But this weekend, connecting with amazing friends, hear their plans, talking about problems and truths and things that are good and right and incredible; I've managed to find some inspiration again. And I think I needed that.

I wish we didn't feel so isolated, but time does what she will to you. Eventually we'll pull out of here, car loaded up, seat-back up, rubber on pavement - and we'll find ourselves where we are.