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A2: Aesthetics of Sound Design

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The audible qualities of an everyday tool affect how we perceive and interact with it. The aesthetic value of Apple computers versus Windows-based PCs pops up in the nerdy tech world all the time. Having lived in both camps, I know the silence of my Macs change how I interact with the computer. In this video I've re-imagined how a Mac would be if it sounded like a PC.

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What I Wish Fish & Chips Were

I always hope my fish & chips will be ├╝ber crispy, but they never are. While at Taste of Chicago, my lovely wife filmed me eating fish & chips. After getting rid of the audio track I layered sounds of a city park, a layer of amusement park ambient noise, and a crispy-bite sample I took. It sort of works. The crunchiness isn't quite what I heard in my head, but I think gets the point across.