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A Sad Day for Media Lovers

My absolute, hands-down favourite media front-end is boxee. The amazing team over there has announced today that they can't provide Hulu anymore. The reason is content providers.

The content providers have told the television on the internet visionaries at Hulu to shut down access to boxee. To me, as a content consumer, this is a travesty. This makes me mad. This makes me want to stop watching content from these people period.

Some have said they're going to stop using boxee. I think this is stupid. This makes absolutely no kind of statement. We should be boycotting the content providers, or at the very least bombarding them with complaints.

We, the content consumers, pay the bills for these people. We watch the ads. We are the fan base. We wield the power with them. Let's get Hulu back onto boxee.

It's atrocious that these people would disenfranchise their consumer base so flippantly.