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A Response

He's been voted in. And like I've said before, philosophically I am okay with that. We'll see what happens. My taxes won't be going up, but I feel bad for my parents who make enough on paper but in reality don't; or for my in-laws who are in a similar situation. Their taxes will go up. The pay grade may be above middle-class but they certainly aren't able to live that way. And I suppose once I start making more I won't be able to support the charities and historic preservation societies we give to.

Upward mobility will probably lay stagnant as everyone has access to a 4-year college degree and the entry-level job market becomes even more oversaturated. Unemployment will increase or at the very least not decrease by much.

Our deficit will continue to increase and many promises will be cut out. Because this country turned the election into a popularity contest and the DNC managed to create a cult of personality around their candidate. That's fine. It's a little sad, but it's okay.

I'll be praying that things turn out alright, and we'll always have a way out... I hope. The great thing about the internet is its record-keeping abilities. We can see in four years' time just what has gone over, what has failed, and who was right. It'll be a great learning experience at the very least.