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A (dis)United Party

Watching CNN's coverage of the Democratic National Convention is kind of funny. The major issue of interest at this point is converting the Hillary supporters into Obama supporters and whether or not it's possible.

It's funny how quickly the pundits forget the primaries. One of the them was saying that Hillary's fanclub will easily switch after her speech tonight. That they will all of a sudden realize that Obama will support everything that Hillary supports.

What a load of bull. There were major points of contention between Hillary's proposed policy and Obama's. There was extreme concern that Obama is not read (that concern has certianly not gone away). Obama DOES NOT support everything Hillary does. But apparently wishy-washy idealism is contagious.

Dennis Kucinich got up and made an empowering speech saying things like "Up with free trade" and "Up with prosperity". Obama opposes free trade. The democratic party opposes free trade. And some people think that's good. They believe that governments playing with and regulating the free market is good. And if they believe that they believe in destroying capitalism. Fair trade doesn't exist. Fair isn't real. It's idealistic. And a farse.

In any case. This is funny.