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A Busy Week

Oh boy has it been a busy week already. In my work situation I share an office with our webmaster (his official title :)). He has been handling mostly database and server stuff as well as researching options for new CMSs and stuff.

Well, he's recently accepted a position in IT (we work in Advancement/PR right now) and will be leaving his current post for that in about a week and a half. And our boss has apparently decided there's a whole bunch of stuff that needs to get done right away before he leaves. So I've been scrambling.

And I'm feeling it this week. Somehow we ended up turning off our alarm clock this morning and Jess missed class while I was late getting into the office.  I'm also just tired. And I feel like I have a lot to do.

But the Republican National Convention has been interesting so far. I'm looking forward to Palin's speech tonight, though I may be watching Project Runway during it...