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18 Days In

There's been a lull here. I apologize.

I'm working on some design changes around here and the time put into that takes away from my actual writing. But I think the coming updates will be worth it. I'm excited to build out the new blog template and take advantage of some of the new WordPress 2.9 features.

The decision to redesign came partly out of my wanton love for redesigning this site (it'll have been a year this Easter since the last one!) and the fact that the portfolio aspects of this site kind of blow. So, we're going to fix all of that. Hopefully for the better.

I've got a couple other exciting prospects coming up and I start grad school in about a week. So I will be BUSY this year. But I'm also really excited about what 2010 is going to bring. I have high hopes and a renewed desire to keep moving. Jessica and I are going to learn French this year.

Speaking of Jessica, I will be working on a redesign of her website and Etsy shop branding this month and next. Our friend Ashley did an amazing job of developing a logo and branding for her business in exchange for a WordPress template buildout. So look for all of that in the coming weeks.

We had a great three week vacation and are glad to be home with our puppy, coffee maker, and consistent internet.