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15k Down

I made it past 15,000 words last night and crossed the 30% line. I'm still a little bit behind on my noveling, but 15k was an important milestone, and I feel good about it.

I'm also a tad excited about work. We are moving ever-closer to rolling away from Joomla! and rolling into dotCMS. Which is awesome. I'm really excited, as long as we can quell everyone's fears/answer questions. But at least I will have done something quality with the web tech here before I leave for grad school. That should provide me with a little bit of fallback if I need to take a job in HigherEd either during or after grad school. Actually, it should work for any web field. And that is comforting.

It's finally gotten cold here in Greenville. It feels like we only had about two weeks of real autumn weather, then it got hot for a week, and now it's grey, rainy, and cold. I actually had to pull out my winter coat.

Jess and I are staying home for Thanksgiving this year too, which I personally am very happy about. I'm going to try to get the floors finished before then. Then hopefully all of our trim will be up before Christmas. Jessica is planning to decorate the house for Christmas during our Thanksgiving break. We didn't get to do that last year because the house was in full renovation mode. It's nice to be so close to having every room but the kitchen done. And to be on track to finish it.

I just hope I can get the novel done at the same time. We found out yesterday that on NaNoWriMo sponsor is giving all of the winners (read: people who get to 50k words) a free paperback draft proof of their manuscript. I think that is awesome. Just one more incentive. And I think I'm well on my way to getting 50,000 words.